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Your Denture Specialist in Pierrefonds and Surrounding Regions

Tooth Arrangement from a Picture

Would you like your smile to look like it did with your natural teeth? We can make it happen! I offer tooth arrangement based on a picture for no additional charge. It is also possible to do a tooth arrangement together with the patient. 

If you don’t have a picture of your natural teeth, another method for making a personalised tooth arrangement is to look at pictures of your children’s teeth to try to find common features.

One-Hour Repairs 

We can repair dentures onsite in one hour by appointment. This service is particularly helpful to patients who do not have old dentures to tide them over.

Balanced Dentures 

All dentures (full, partial, on implants) are made from two impressions: the articulation and the facebow. The length, thickness and position of the teeth respect the patient’s anatomy. The process is explained, step by step, so that my patients understand the state of their mouth and the work that we are doing.

Free Services 

The consultation, exam and estimate, as well as any adjustments are free of charge.

Call Sylvia Russell Denturologiste Inc. to make an appointment.

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