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Installation of Fixed and Removable Dentures: It’s Possible with Implantology


Dentures on Implants

Whether or not to receive implants is an important decision. After tooth loss, the bone is resorbed. The installation of implants is the only treatment that restores bone stimulation. Implantology is for patients who want to optimise their comfort today and in the coming years. Dr Jean-François Bélanger performs implant installation for our patients.


First of all, an examination and X-ray are required. A treatment plan can be created depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth. Depending on the height and thickness of the bone, we can decide on the number of implants as well as the type of device that will attach to the implants and the structures.

Implants can be used where there is partial complete tooth loss. In some cases, we can make fixed dentures. These treatments require more rigorous hygiene. In other cases, we recommend removable dentures, especially among patients who need lip support.

Steps to Creating Dentures on Implants



When you receive implants, we don,t leave you with no dentures. The day of the implant installation, the dentures are modified to adapt to your mouth and ensure it remains aesthetically appealing. However, a soft diet is required to decrease discomfort and allow the implants to integrate to the jawbone. During the implant integration period, it is important to have the denture adjusted gradually as the mouth heals.



When the implants have integrated properly, the permanent, removable or fixed dentures, depending on the case, will be created. For removable dentures, the steps are very similar to those for conventional dentures; however, during the impression we need to get a reproduction of the exact location of the implants. This requires more steps, parts and materials. The making of dentures on implants also requires more hours of work, which explains the higher fees.

Do you want to know if dentures on implants are right for you? Make an appointment with Sylvia Russell Denturologiste Inc. in Pierrefonds to learn more.

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