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A Quick and Beautiful Solution after Tooth Extraction

Immediate Dentures 

Immediate dentures are dentures made to be fitted in the mouth immediately after one or several extractions. In this situation, the making of the denture takes place before the tooth extraction. The dentures can therefore not be fitted in the mouth beforehand since the natural teeth are still there.

Immediate dentures are less comfortable and require many adjustments since the mouth is healing. Gradually, as things change, the dentures can hurt, become unstable or too big. We can help the patient by applying a thin coat of acrylic on the inside so that the denture once again adapts to the shape of the gum. If the extraction sites are very sensitive, we can add a softer material that will help with chewing while putting less pressure on sensitive areas.

The benefits of an immediate denture are aesthetic. They allow patients who lose one or more teeth to continue their professional and social activities without being embarrassed by missing teeth that are visible when speaking or smiling.

For chewing, the patient most often tends towards softer foods in the beginning, due to the sensitivity. He or she gradually learns to eat with the denture. Once healing is completed, a permanent reline is required. This laboratory procedure consists of remodelling the acrylic to the size of the mouth after healing. Once this step is complete, the dentures are more comfortable over the long term, because the mouth is not longer undergoing any drastic changes. Normal resorption will happen afterwards over the course of many years. 

Whether you are from the West Island, Laval or Saint-Lazare, Sylvia Russell Denturologiste Inc. is happy to welcome you.

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