Protecting the Teeth of Professional
Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

Fewer Concussions 

There are four types of mouth guards. The first two types are available on the market. They are molded in the mouth and offer basic protection. When practising certain sports or martial arts, such basic protection alone is not recommended. 

Custom mouth guards are more comfortable and provide better protection. They protect not only the teeth, but they also decrease the risk of concussion. A heavy hit to the mouth can cause a concussion. That is why a Type III or IV mouth guard is recommended.

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Type III and IV Guards

Type III mouth guards are made by suction. An imprint of the mouth is taken and a model is cast. The material of the mouth guard is warmed and softened to then be drawn to the shape of the teeth. After, it is trimmed and ready to be fitted into the mouth.

Type IV mouth guards are made with two layers of material. Their casting is more precise. They are much more comfortable and offer better protection than the other types.

Maxx gard, the official mouth guars manufacturer for the Montreal Alouettes, makes our Type IV mouth guards. To get more information, call Sylvia Russell Denturologiste Inc. Our office is located in Pierrefonds, north-east of Vaudreuil.

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